Who are we?

Glass Knuckle Games is an independent game development studio located in Boston. We are comprised of:

Brett Davis: Co-Founder, Developer

Dave Gedarovich: Co-Founder, Developer, Artist

James Johnston: Writing, Marketing


Interested in our games? We have a mailing list that will keep you up on exclusive content, new releases, and the latest updates. We don't spam, I promise!

We also have a Presskit available, if you're looking.

Video Policy

Glass Knuckle Games, LLC. ("Glass Knuckle Games") wholeheartedly supports content creators making videos, streams, or other media from our games. We also respect how important monetization is for sustaining a channel. We want you to succeed! Therefore, all video content is free to be monetized by the creator of the video, stream, or otherwise. While we don't ask for anything in return, we're always happy to check out what you've created. Tag us on social sometime, and have fun out there!

Awards and Showlist:

Otakon 2017: Featured Game - Heliophobia

MAGFest 2017: "Best Rug" - Gamelad

Otakon 2016: Featured Game - Defragmented

PAX East 2016: Featured Game - Defragmented

MAGFest 2016: Featured Game - Defragmented

Boston Festival of Indie Games 2015: Featured Game - Nauticalith

Otakon 2015: Featured Game - Thief Town

MAGFest 2015: Featured Game - Noir Syndrome

MAGFest 2015: Featured Game - Thief Town

Boston Festival of Indie Games 2014: Featured Game - Noir Syndrome

Boston Festival of Indie Games 2014: Featured Game - Thief Town

Game Demo Day 2014 @ NEU: "2nd Most Innovative Game" - Noir Syndrome

Game Demo Day 2014 @ NEU: "3rd Best Overall Game" - Thief Town

Boston Festival of Indie Games 2013: Featured Game - Dumble

Game Demo Day 2013 @ NEU: "Best Design" - Dumble

Global Game Jam 2013 @ NEU: "Community Choice Award, Best Art Award" - Vahiy

Contact Us:

If you want to get in contact with us via Email, Facebook, or Twitter. In addition, our individual contacts are below.

Brett Davis: brett@glassknuckle.com - @wiz_warrior

Dave Gedarovich: @entropy_phi

James Johnston: @ViewtifulJames