Who are we?

Glass Knuckle Games is an independent game development studio located in Boston. We are comprised of:

Brett Davis: Cofounder & Developer

Dave Gedarovich: Cofounder & Developer

James Johnston: Marketing & PR

Owen Watson: Art & Animation

Mailing List!

Interested in our games? We now have a mailing list which will keep you in touch with new releases and updates! We don't spam, I promise!

Awards and more:

Game Demo Day 2014 @ NEU: 2nd Most Innovative Game - Noir Syndrome

Game Demo Day 2014 @ NEU: 3rd Best Overall Game - Thief Town

Boston Festival of Indie Games 2013: Featured Game - Dumble

Game Demo Day 2013 @ NEU: Best Design - Dumble

Global Game Jam 2013 @ NEU: Community Choice Award, Best Art Award - Vahiy

Contact Us:

If you want to get in contact with us feel free to post on our Facebook, or you can talk to us directly via email or twitter:

Brett Davis: brett@glassknuckle.com - @wiz_warrior

Dave Gedarovich: dave.gedarovich@gmail.com - @entropy_phi

James Johnston: @ViewtifulJames