NAME: Gao Feng

BIRTHPLACE: China (exact location unknown)


This Gao Feng is a tough one. Like a cockroach of a bygone age, he’s the last one we can’t stomp out. Over the past two years, we thought that organized crime was fading away.

In reality, this guy was just wiping out the competition, folding their operations into his own, and covering his tracks. In eighteen months, all other gangs operating in Chinatown have packed up and left.

The son of a bitch doesn’t even have a name for his organization, and he doesn’t need to. It’s all him now. Every bit of crime in Chinatown leads right to Gao Feng. The extortion, the prostitution, the drugs, the gambling -- all of it.

We can’t even pin him to any of it, either. Everyone knows it’s him, but he sits behind the scenes somewhere pulling strings.

The worst part is that no one knows where he came from or how he did it. Normally, when someone makes a play this big, they aren’t new. They’ve already established themselves with a a fine helping of money and power.

Gao Feng? He came out of nowhere. No record of ever being in the city prior to the last two years. Someone can’t pull that off without funding. Big funding.

What no one is talking about, though, is the kidnappings. Disappearances happen all the time, with a body turning up a few weeks later, or a sex trafficking ring being exposed.

Not anymore. Since Gao Feng showed up, anyone who's disappeared hasn’t been found, alive or dead. Gao Feng wouldn’t be allowing this stuff to happen in his city if there wasn’t a financial gain for him, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

It doesn’t help that there hardly any clean cops left in this damn city. If I’m going to take this case, I'll have to do it alone -- and I have to start with the kidnappings.

Detective [REDACTED]