Noir Syndrome

Noir Syndrome is a procedurally generated Detective Murder-Mystery with a new story every time! Featuring slick pixel art animations and a jazzy soundtrack, the player is thrown right in to a highly stylized vision of film noir. Visit locations, interrogate suspects, search for clues, and eventually solve the case before the killer escapes - or you wind up dead yourself.


Procedural generation: Murder mystery scenarios with a new culprit and clues each time, every play-through is unique.
Permanent choices: NPCs, interactions, death, and a slew of other features will all persist until a new game is started. Every action counts!
Notebook: Collect vital clues in the detective's notebook to help narrow down suspects and solve the case.
Investigation: Interact with and examine numerous objects and characters in a number of environments in the search for more information on the killer.
Countdown: Given a set number of days to solve the mystery, each area visited will decrement the time left, adding to the urgency of every case.
Freedom of choice: Attempt to solve the case, or live out your remaining time doing as you please - be it fighting the law, going after gang members, or just seeing the city.
Gunplay: Combat is generally to be avoided as a single bullet will take down the player. However, when necessary, the revolver is always available for use.
Badges: Complete a variety of challenges to earn unique badges which directly influence future playthroughs.
Statistics and Scores: Statistics and high scores for a wide variety of topics will persist through every game.
Challenges: Optional challenges unrelated to the main case are generated each game. Every challenge completed provides permanent bonuses to all playthroughs.

For a peek at the recent updates to the game, check out the changelog.

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Noir Syndrome

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Noir Syndrome