Picross Makeout League

Coming to PC (Win/Mac/Linux) in 2019!

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In Picross Makeout League, you are Picross Girl: a superhero-in-training with the power to see and solve her life's problems just like picross puzzles!

Wait... does that even count as a superpower? She's not sure either!

Solve puzzles, romance your fellow puzzle-themed superheroes, and maybe even save the day! This is a comedy/romance adventure for people who want to solve picross puzzles and also date puzzles! ...Seriously, you can date a giant puzzle piece.


Dating sim meets puzzle game in this comedy/romance superhero adventure
• Join and date the Puzzle League: a group of 4 superheroes based on crossword, sudoku, chess and jigsaw puzzles
• Plenty of picross puzzles to solve, both during the adventure and in free play mode
• An overarching supernatural plot that weaves in multiple dates with every character
• Exotic date locations: a coffee shop, the library, mountain climbing and maybe Atlantis?!
• Twists, turns, thrills, chills, puzzle fun, and puzzle puns! It's not over until the ending!

The game is currently being led by James Johnston and Brett Davis of Glass Knuckle Games.
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