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February 12, 2016

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Defragmented is a cyberpunk action-RPG by Dave Gedarovich and James Johnston. Unravel a power struggle for the future of evolution through lightning-fast combat, three character classes and a pulsing synth soundtrack. Welcome to Entropolis – New World, Bad Blood.


Defragmented has been in development since 2014, after the release and post-launch support of Noir Syndrome. The game is inspired by a love of cyberpunk media and top-down shooters.


  • New World, Bad Blood: Explore the neon city of Entropolis and uncover the conspiracies that lurk within its walls. Museum curators, rogue police agents and benevolent scientists struggle to enforce their world views... but who can you trust?
  • RPG character progression: Play as three different classes as you shoot, loot, and repeat at lightning speed. Multiple skill trees let players craft personal characters for a challenging end game.
  • Super fast-paced combat: Health points are precious in Defragmented! Players will need to plan their attacks ahead of time. Make use of unique class skills and item loadouts or meet certain death.
  • Procedural loot and combat: Collect procedurally-generated futuristic guns and gadgets. Enemies change their weapons every time you replay a level, forcing players to switch up strategies.
  • Synthwave soundtrack: Pulse-pounding beats from a diverse group of electronic musicians. Includes artists from works like KUNG FURY, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Hotline Miami 2 and original Defragmented music.
  • Destructible environments: Entropolis is not stationary. Tactical cover can be shot through, knocked over and blown apart - keeping players and enemies on the move.


Official Trailer YouTube

360° Trailer YouTube


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About Glass Knuckle Games

Glass Knuckle Games is a studio from Boston, MA focused on creating brand new games with rude teen attitude. Starting in 2014 with retro-inspired, smaller indie games designed to be quick "pick up and play" titles, GKG is now focused on creating longer, narrative-rich games as it continues to evolve as a studio. We love fun!

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Defragmented Credits

Dave Gedarovich

James Johnston
Marketing, Business, Support

Alyssa Menes

Julian Cormac
Cutscene Illustration

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks