Love can be a vicious, untamable beast for those who choose to chase it. You can feel love for actual beasts in Glass Knuckle Games’ latest dating sim, “Sweetheart Safari!”

Sweetheart Safari – An Animal Dating Adventure for 1 Lonely Player

Welcome to the Sweetheart Safari, a zoo where true love lies just across the savannah. The goal of the game, as an adorable high school student of indistinct gender and sexuality, is to find true love. Go on dates with the inhabitants of the zoo, get to know them better, and hopefully seal the deal with a smooch! But beware, you could offend some partners and end up alone…

James Johnston - Lead Designer/Scenario Writer

Kyle Fleischer - "Programming"

Brett Davis - "Character Art"

Dave Gedarovich - Environment Art

The product of the first ever Glass Knuckle 48 Hour Game Jam, Sweetheart Safari is partly a “switcheroo jam”, where game developers take on roles outside their usual skill sets. As an artist, Kyle tried his hand at programming, while Brett, usually a programmer, did character art. Dave, as an expert in art and programming, mostly did art but served as an everyman/lifesaver in the final hours of the project. This was James’ first game jam, so he did the entirety of the writing.

We hope you enjoy something about this game. It was a blast to make, albeit a little weird. We do not condone the actual, real-life union of humans and animals. Thank you.